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Hello Mommies and Daddies, Greetings from TummyFriendly Foods!

I am Sridevi Ashala, health and nutrition enthusiast and mom of 2 girls. I was working as Head of Technology (Software Development) in a German company before embarking on this nutritious journey with TummyFriendly Foods.

Don’t see any link between software and nutrition??

I have always been interested in health and nutrition since my childhood. I had an opportunity to stay at a nature cure center early in my life and witness people getting rid of their health problems with a few simple changes to their food & life-style.

Speaking frankly…

Nowadays, 90% of the illnesses are because of adulterated food, life-style and chemicals & pesticides not just in food but everywhere around us. Packaged food, especially the Kids’ food from MNCs is highly processed and loaded with all sorts of chemicals in the name of fortification and for shelf-life. I strongly feel that we must give a serious thought to the research based evidence that “Chemicals and pesticides in food bio-accumulate over a period of time and damage the DNA structure leading to many fatal diseases”. Few food brands advertise saying “Grow at twice the speed” with their products loaded with chemicals and growth hormones. Research shows that growing at twice the speed with these chemicals will only trigger early puberty in children and will lead to many health complications in later life.

I don’t quite like the idea of artificial fortification of Kids’ food, after all a child’s immature liver & kidneys have tough time removing all these toxins from the little body. In fact, there is a much better and harmless way of food fortification, Sprouting. Yes, Sprouting is Mother-Nature’s way of fortifying the food. Sprouting multiplies the nutritional content of the food and makes it completely bio-available i.e. easy to absorb into the body. Sprouts are Sattvic Food. They are also called the Living Super Food.


TummyFriendly Foods Sridevi Ashala

We don’t need all these chemicals, toxins for healthy growth in children. I believe that nutrition from real food, physical activities, uninterrupted sleep and exposure to sun light is what a child really needs to build a strong immune system and to achieve the full growth potential naturally.

I hope that you join me in my endeavor to create awareness about the importance of harmless bio-available nutrition.

Happy parenting!!

Sridevi Ashala, Founder & CEO