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Bio-available Nutrition

Is it possible to get all the nutrition that the little ones need from Nature without fortification using chemicals?

Absolutely!! Sprouting is Mother-Nature’s way of food fortification. Sprouting eliminates anti-nutrients, multiplies the nutritional content of the food and makes it completely bio-available i.e. easy to absorb into the body.

At TummyFriendly Foods, with 16 years of experience in sprouting process, we safely and hygienically sprout all the sproutable grains & pulses to get maximum possible bio-available nutrition from Real Food.

Certified Organic Food

We are a Certified Organic Food Company. And all the TummyFriendly Foods  are certified organic by certification authority after thorough evaluation of our procedures, protocols against the stringent regulations of India Organic.

Designed Mindfully

TummyFriendly foods are mindfully designed with nutrient-rich sprouted whole grains, pulses, vegetables, fruit and nuts. These porridge mixes are designed to introduce a wide variety of food at appropriate stages to meet the nutritional needs of little ones.

We do NOT outsource our production process. We prepare all the products freshly in small batches in a highly hygienic environment.

Premium Ingredients

We know that your little bundle of joy is the most precious one on this planet to you! We are committed to give only the very best to your little one, no matter what it takes. 

All our products are made from high quality premium ingredients. We do NOT use the most commonly used spray dried fruit and vegetable powders which contain the chemical Maltodextrin.

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